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Getting ready for the craft show

The first weekend of October is a two-day Arts and Crafts show and Quilt Show here in Floyd.  This is my first year having a booth and I am going to sell some of my jewelry I have been working on.  I am so excited!!  Below are some pictures (courtesy of hubby Jim) showing some of what is for sale.  Most are earrings – but a few are going to be necklaces – I just have not added the bales yet.


Here is a pair of earrings using a technique called the Aurora Borealis.  I got the technique from a tutorial by Cindy LIetz, the Polymer Clay Tutor


These are about 1 inch in diameter, bronze clay and using a rubber stamp to imprint the pattern


Below are earrings (oval and square) and a large square piece, which will be a necklace.  This is a faux jade technique and used a silicone mold to get the carved look of jade.


The pieces below will be necklaces, again, the bales need to be added.  I used mica clay and a stamp to get the pattern, then shaved off the raised pieces, leaving the shadow of the pattern on the clay – it looks like it is a deep stamped effect, but the pieces are totally smooth – this is one of my favorite things to play with! These are the 3 large pieces on the top.

The swirls were made with scrap clay – just playing around, but I thought the pieces turned out unique!  The black and white necklace is done in a bookmark fashion – smoosh the clay around, cut it in half and see what patterns are inside – then “book” them together – kind of like Rorschach prints – you can see all kinds of different things in the pattern.




Aurora Borealis

This technique, also by Cindy Lietz, is called Aurora Borealis.  Kind of looks like the Northern Lights.  Used UV resin on one and varathane on the others.

Faux Stained Glass

this technique was learned from Cindy Lietz, the Polymer Clay Tutor website. it is called the swap and switch technique, but I think it looks a lot like stained glass. Used red, green and blue pearl along with gold. Used UV resin on some of the pieces and varathane on the others.


Natasha Bead

who knew that scrap clay could come out so cool looking!



A tribute to Annie Oakley

The following photos are of a hinged lid tin box made by Teri Walters and Me.

Christmas gift

Christmas earrings

earrings – two sizes and the large one is a pin – red pearl polymer clay and a few coats of Future.